The Piano TeacherI have been teaching children, teens and adults how to play piano for over 30 years!  I have wonderful in-studio memories of students working really hard to overcome their stage fright, technical difficulties and shyness.  Witnessing the growing self-confidence and pleasure students get from enjoying the music they have learned,  is priceless.

I want to share my experiences with other musicians who want to start a music studio and be able to make a living out of it.  My studio always consists of at least 30-50 students depending on how much time I want to spend working.  I drive out to many of my students as well as teach some from home.

I have taught many children with different physical and mental challenges ranging from ADD, ADHD, Turrets Syndrome, partial deafness, blindness and SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy).  The different needs of my students helped me learn to adapt the piano so I could try to bring each student the most musical enjoyment regardless of their challenges.

As my family of six children grew up, the amount of time I had to give piano and singing lessons fluctuated.  I never had trouble getting students because I starting tapping into many resources which I want to share with you.


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